***January 2014 BOOKED: Starting the a new year with Behind A Rolling Ball by Dan Chen and directed by Rhonda Goldstein. Part of the Venus/ Adonis Festival.

Role: Danica- 15 years old.

A show about two dysfunctional couples fighting for the attention of a teenage girl in this allegory about driving on the road of life. (Poster On Right)

Performances: March 24th at 8:45, March 28th at 7 and March 30th at 2.

Purchse Tickets at:

***November 9th, 2013 BOOKED: Short Film Competition for "Frightened."

**October 29th, 2013 BOOKED: Burlington Coat Factory Commercial. View at

***October 28th, 2013  Novi Stars "Fitting Room" Commercial

***May 3rd, 2013 BOOKED: Reality... 15 Minutes Until The End Of The World by: Richard Thomas Henle for Manhattan Repertory Theatre's Summerfest 2013

*** Early April, 2013 DIRECTING & BOOKED: My first time directing and acting! One act: Catching Fairies by Le Wilhelm with Brief Acts
*** January 24th, 2013 BOOKED: One Act- Daze at Sea with Brief Acts- Love Creek Productions and director Paul Trupia

***January 13th, 2013 BOOKED: One Act- Weightless with Love Creek Productions and director Caitlyn Drown.

***November 28th, 2012 BOOKED: I am now a member of Love Creek Productions Company

***August 31, 2012 Shoot for Novi Stars Commercial

***August 2012 Got a callback through Baker Entertainment for Nickelodeons Novi Stars Commercial. BOOKED.

***August 29th, 2012 Shadowboxing (Breadth Films) took home their first award in "Trailer Cash".

***July 7th, 2012 BOOKED: Role of April in Arson

***Re-shoots for Shadowboxing Summer 2012

***Website with trailer to Shadowboxing is released

***August and September 2011 Film Shadowboxing

***June 13th, 2011 Callback with John Hayden, Joshua Durham and Carol Nadell for Shadowboxing. BOOKED: First role in a feature film! Maggie in Shadowboxing.

***May 6th, 2011 Audition with Carol Nadell for the female lead in feature film, Shadowboxing.

*** June 1st, 2011 Through the AADA Showcase I met and started freelancing with Jaime Baker of Baker Entertainment.

***Company Ends with a bang on February 25th, 2011. We have a beautiful reception at Sardi's and receive our Certificates of Completion in "Advanced Acting Training".

***Showcase time at AADA

***Company Shows- The Great Magoo, The Thugs, Quilters, Stars in the Morning Sky

***Made it in to the American Academy of Dramatic Arts Company for the 2010-2011 Season.

***Recieved Associates Degree at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts- NY April 9th, 2010

***Worked with two amazing directors for my graduation play series, Zenon Kruszelnicki and Shoni Currier. Shows- Triumph of Love and Goodnight Children Everwhere

**Got in to the 2nd year at AADA for 2009-2010!

**Got in to the American Academy of Dramatic Arts-NY for the 2008-2009 1st year.

**Majored in Theater Performance at Huntington University. (Huntington, Indiana) Fall 2007- Spring 2008